Dighton, Kansas

Area Attractions

wheatWhat do you do without a mall?

Answer, G-rated fun.

Here are some examples: attend one of the Kansas storm spotter classes and chase tornados, take kids shark teeth hunting, visit historic native American sites, skid snakes on county roads, make an ornate box turtle a pet for a week, collect pop rocks for e-bay (Google this), create wheat weavings, get involved with one of the many craft groups, call coyotes, bird watching (saw my first blue bird last year), attend and support school events (there are lots), ride horses(we grow the feed and have the open space), fish in a farm pond, fly kites (wind we have in abundance), walk in the cemetery and visit with our friends, support pheasants forever ( our chapter Stubble Ducks), create wildlife habitat, target practice with bows or guns, cooking and sharing new recipes is always on going, red splat prairie dogs in the spring, ride bicycles (hwy 96 is a main bicycle route across the US and we need someone to create a bicycle haven for the summer bike trekkers), old guys play cribbage at the Joy Center and women do Red Hat Events, you can volunteer to help with: Scouts, 4H, FFA, the county fair, AA, Chamber of Commerce, Lane Co. Museum, and so many more worthy local volunteer organizations.

Dightonians do drive a bite. Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, etc are in Scott City 24 straight miles away (20 minutes). Penny’s, Sears, Wal-mart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, and alike are in Garden City 50 miles away with only 2 turns. Speed limit is 65 MPG on State or paved county roads. Dodge City and the Boot Hill re-enactment center are 70 miles from here. There is much more, especially the old west forts and cattle drive trails, but you get the idea.

For those who do antiques and collectables don’t be surprised how savvy we are about the value of things, we are well connected to the internet. Dighton is in the great American Bison range. It is here that Buffalo Bill Cody, the US Calvary, and the railroad did their hunting. Cimarron and the Santa Fe Trail are close. If you like American history of the West, it was made here in a little sod house on the prairie. The UFO sightings of the 70s (Google this) are also part of who we are and our history. Some of the most fun history is found in the 1920’s during prohibition between Dighton and unincorporated Healy, one with alcohol and one without. By the way we shoot bank robbers here. You can visit Blackie’s grave if you think I am kidding.

Yes, we have flush toilets, running water, hospital, volunteer fire department, EMT staff, summer swimming pool, electricity, DSL, HD ,and all that basic stuff. What we need more of, are children, most of us are passed child bearing age. This is such a wonderful place for children with a low student to teacher ratio and personal attention for each child.

Dighton and Lane County have a rural lifestyle that we would like to share with you. Come home to peace and quiet, in centrally located Dighton America.