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Reflective Group

Reflective Group

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Reflective Group, LLC was founded by three entrepreneurs in 2011, who made a decision to live a life that is more consistent with our faith without being ashamed of what we believe, without compromising our beliefs and without becoming annoying bible-thumping bullies. This is important to us because our faith guides and informs our principles, values and ethics. And it’s by living out these principles, values and ethics that we are able to earn your trust. Like all great start-ups, we too want to change the world. We just think we should start by changing ourselves.

We build custom websites that reflect you. We build iPhone apps and custom web apps that communicate your message. We offer services like credit card processing, SEO, offsite backups, web hosting and workflow management that help your business function. We LOVE OUR CLIENTS. We'll NEVER TALK DOWN TO YOU. We'll NEVER MAKE YOU FEEL DUMB. We GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION. We'll ALWAYS WORK TO EARN YOUR TRUST. We are REFLECTIVE GROUP.

Mike Bosch - Founder & CEO
Casey Morford - Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Josh Strohm - Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Mike Bosch, President/CEO
622 High St

Baldwin City, Kansas 66006