Dighton, Kansas


Welcome to my town. A small community with old fashioned heart. Here seniors drive well into their 90s, while the rest of us watch for them. If you can’t drive, golf carts are OK on our streets, but talk to the sheriff first. We love the flag, respect veterans, admire hard work, and treasure the accomplishments of our school children. The cemetery flies an hundred American flags on Memorial day as part of the morning service to remember loved ones. Our town doesn’t have the resources of a larger city, so we compensate with volunteers. So much so, our city friends are amazed. Everyone can take a part in helping the community be vital.

I like to describe Dighton as high tech hokey not hayseed yokel. Yes, we have high speed internet, cable channels with HD and, cellular service with great reception. The advantage of few hills. Our library offers a T-line for meetings and training classes. The local shopping is limited but, K&J Grocery delivers and the COOP garage will pick up your car for service. The well water comes naturally fluoridated. The over night mail will take 3 days. At 10:30 AM each day we go to the post office to get the mail. Why? Well, we decided not to have mail delivered, so there would be a chance to see each other everyday. In this part of the country drivers wave to friends and the posted speed on the main street is 20 MPH.

When a family is in need, we have a fund raising event to help out. Women still quilt, can, scrap book, and shop for collectables to have fun. Men restore old cars, hunt, sing in the choir, and create betting games with friends. Our children get to play in sports, academics, or the arts. There are enough team activities everyone can be first string. We take pride in our seniors who graduated in 2008. School activities are a prime source of entertainment. The whole community has invested part of their lives raising these great young adults. When they succeed we all succeed, and when they hurt we hurt.

Thank you for your time!

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Dennis B., ex-Californian