Dighton, Kansas

Moving To Town

Welcome to Dighton where your children can walk to school, and we have the best way of living that no one knows about. Come meet the friendly people of Dighton, giving you the best home town hospitality. Check out our web page, and see all the great things that happen in our small western Kansas town. I challenge you to call or e-mail me, and let me inform you of the excitement that is happening in Dighton.  My e-mail address is mayor@st-tel.net.

Doyle Capra, Mayor

Here are some typical basic costs for 2009:


  • Wastewater $10/month
  • Water Residential $6.25 base and $2.42/1000 gallons
  • Water Commercial $6.25 base and $2.19/1000 gallons
  • Garbage $15.50/month w/polycart provided
  • Electricity Res $5 customer charge & .151 cents/kw/hr
  • Electrical Comm. $9 customer charge & .162 cents/kw/hr
  • Electrical demand fee $ 6.75/kw and 9 cents/kw/hrNatural gas $1.19/therm (05/08) changes monthly

Phone, Cable, &Internet

  • Phone residential $15/month  w/long distance at 5 cents per minute
  • Phone commercial $18/month
  • Dial Up Internet $14.50/month
  • Broadband 256K $29.95/month
  • 1.5mg $39.95/month
  • 3mg $49.95/month
  • S&T Value Basic Cable $13.00/month
  • S&T Basic Digital Cable $17.95/month
  • S&T Basic Cable (about 75 channels) $34.95/month

Miscellaneous Costs, Fees & Services

  • Care guard emergency service $19.95/month.
  • Calls 911 and any listed family.
  • The Dighton Herald weekly is $.75 an issue, $15/yr/e-mailed, $33.37/yr/mailed out of county
  • Average lawn mowing service $25 to $30/mowing
  • Licensed child care $2/hour with 35 hour minimum
  • Resident combo hunting/fishing license $38.50
  • Typical house lot is 75’X140’ and sells for $2000 to $4000. Usually lower at an auction.City and County building permits are free, to encourage improvements
  • 2 Cellular companies service the county , Verizon and Nex-tech,  typical fees apply
  • Pool cost is $1/day under 14 and $1.50/day 14 and over. Season passes available.
  • Bowling is $2.50/game
  • Annual family golf membership is $100 or $5.00 per round (9 hole course).
  • Cemetery plots with perpetual care are $50 for 2 plots
  • An average car registration is about $450/year
  • Typical 3 bedroom and 2 bath home sells for $20,000 to $80,000
  • Property tax in town is $22/$1000 of value (about).  Property tax for a home in the county is $15/$1000 of value (about)Special note, new construction has big property tax incentives for 10 years.
  • PO Box Size 1 is $38/year and size 2 is $54/year, up to size 4 available Note: no home delivery in town, rural routes only
  • Long term care shared room $138/day.  Lane County Hospital Long term care private room $143/day.  Assisted living Diamond View Estates Small $2325/mo Medium $2525/mo and 2 bdrm $2725/month
  • Office visit to the Doctor is $58.
  • Farm ground runs $300 to $900 an acre depending on quality of ground and irrigation.
  • Grocery prices are similar to a chain stores and the weekly sales beat or match Wal-mart.
  • Water residential $5.75 and $2.42/1000 gals.Water Commercial $5.75 & $2.88.
  • Garbage $14.00.
  • Electric Residential 13.5 cents/kw/hr.  Electric Commercial 14.5 cents/kw/hr.  Residential Electric demand .115 cents/kw/hr.
  • Pool cost is $1.50/day under 14 & $2.00/day 14 and over.
  • Annual family golf $10.00 pre round.

*All prices subject to change

We hope this gives you a feel for the community. Come and see us some time!!