Here is a list of rental property owners in Dighton, KS:

**If you have a rental property and need your name added to the list. please email your name, phone number and address to mayor@st-tel.net.

Rental Owners in Dighton          
Clinton Development  620-872-5494   Scotty Wilkison   620-355-6020
Cody Zimmerman   620-397-3148   Travis Terhune   620-397-2367
          Jim Masters   620-214-3635
Ruth Miller   620-397-3254        
Maurice Linden   620-397-5455   Dean Wagner   843-260-6443
Austin Bretz   785-477-1844   Ronnie Palmer   785-798-2160
Kent & Carrie Borell   620-397-5693   Tom Reed   785-848-1013
Luxor Apartments   620-397-2854        
Sunrise Village   620-398-2500            
(62 handicap or disabled)